For research paper translations or technical translations,
look no further than ACN!

With over 300 translators with a variety of specialized backgrounds, your translation is in good hands with ACN!
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  • ACN can assist you in submitting papers to major overseas journals and institutes.
  • Translation/proofreading estimates provided within 8 hours (during office hours) with no obligation.
  • ACN accepts source material in a variety of formats including Microsoft Word, PDF, Excel, fax, PowerPoint, CD-R, etc.
  • High quality translating performed by carefully selected translators for each field, English proofreading
  • All Japanese to English translations include a “Native Check” performed by a native English speaker.
  • For English proofreading jobs,ACN is ready to accept special requests such as hand corrections or use of the “Track Changes” feature in Word.
  • ACN is also ready to serve your multiple language translation needs such as Chinese or French translations.
  • Thorough post-delivery support free of charge (as a general rule, there is no limit to requests such as answering questions or modifying files)

As a general rule, your translation will be prepared by translators holding Masters or Doctorate degrees with experience submitting entries to overseas journals, and rich experience in writing English research papers.

At ACN, we guarantee the utmost quality to our clients!

The high quality of our translations is proven by the repeat business of our many clients in many Japanese universities, university research centers, and other public or private research facilities.

ACN uses the Internet actively to recruit translators for every field of specialty and maintains a roster of over 300 translators. ACN can promise this high level of quality through its ranks of translators who are intimately familiar with the specific requirements surrounding research papers.

English Proofreading (Native Check): About Proofreading

ACN welcomes customers who have translated their own English research papers and wish to have them checked by a native speaker. Your document will be carefully checked by an ACN native speaking specialist in your field. The checked document will be returned to you with pre-correction and post-correction proofread results clearly indicated. Your work is proofread by editors experienced in submitting papers to overseas journals or institutes. For a final brush-up of your research paper submission, look to ACN!

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With the spread of the Internet, many “self-appointed” translators have launched their own web-based operations and offer low cost translation services without any specialized knowledge of the background of the requested material. Placing orders with these independent translators can end up costing more in expensive rewrites (translation correction) -choose your translation vendor carefully!

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