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Personal: Payment due within 3 business days of delivery.
Corporate: Invoice sent at time of delivery, payment due end of month following delivery.

Special payment arrangements are available for universities or other public organizations.

Please contact us with any comments or requests you may have regarding payment method.

Please answer the following for Japanese to English / English to Japanese translations.
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Figures and Tables Do not translate figures or tables
Translate only figures
Translate only tables
Translate only titles and captions of figures/tables
Translate figures and tables - plain text output OK for embedded letters (including notification to indicate source and target correspondence)

Please indicate any other comments regarding the handling of figures or tables.

Footnotes / Endnotes Translate footnotes/endnotes
Do not translate footnotes/endnotes
Translate footnotes only
Translate endnotes only

Please indicate any other comments regarding the handling of footnotes or endnotes.

References Translate references as best as possible
Do not translate references

Please indicate any other comments regarding the handling of reference

Formatting OK to ignore all formatting
Format same as source
Mimic source formatting as best as possible
Follow formatting guidelines for submission body
(A separate fee may apply depending on details of formatting guideline requests)

Please indicate any other comments regarding formatting.

Glossary No glossary available
Detailed list available
A simple list is available

*gGlossary listh here does not refer to reference documents of similar content
A glossary is a one-to-one list of English and Japanese word counterparts that can be used for translation work.

Please indicate any other comments regarding glossaries.

English Usage (for Japanese to English translations)

Check if you would like British English to be used, for document submissions or presentations to academic institutions in Britain.

Request British English translation
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Proofreading Method Use Microsoft Word gTrack Changesh feature (for Word source documents only)

* AboutgTrack Changesh(new window will open)

Highlight changes with different font color
Hand correct (corrections in red ink)

*Note: A 25% surcharge is applied for hand correction requests. The completed file is submitted as a PDF file. (Hand corrected documents are scanned and saved as PDF documents)
As a general rule, paper source documents (received by fax or mail) and PDF source files are corrected by hand.

Please indicate any other comments regarding the proofreading method.

Figures and Tables
(Multiple Selections OK)
Ignore figures
Ignore tables
Correct figures
Correct tables
Correct titles and captions of figures/tables only

Please indicate any other comments regarding the handling of figures and tables.

Footnotes/Endnotes Correct footnotes/endnotes
Do not correct footnotes/endnotes
Correct footnotes only
Correct endnotes only

Please indicate any other comments regarding the handling of footnotes or endnotes.

References Correct references
Do not correct references

Please indicate any other comments regarding the handling of references.

Please indicate any other requirements about the proofreading request overall.

We cannot accept documents for proofreading that were translated with machine translation software. (This does not apply to documents using human-based computer aided translation software such as TRADOS) A surcharge of up to 100% will be charged for documents accepted for proofreading that are later found to have been created using machine translation software.

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