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[Estimate Example]

Customers receive an email message containing estimate details like the below example.


Thank you for requesting a translation estimate from ACN.

Based on content, volume, and delivery time, we have prepared the following estimate.

Translation Type

Translate Japanese into English

Delivery Date

May 13, 2006

Japanese Character Count

15,653 characters


20 yen/character

Translation Fee

313,060 yen

Consumption Tax

15,153 yen


328,713 yen

Delivery Method

As a Word file via email

Payment Method

Personal payment: Deposit to our specified bank account within 1 week of delivery

Thank you.

[Document Submission]

Please send data documents (Word, PDF, PowerPoint, etc.) for translating or proofreading to us as email attachments. However, please inform us before attempting to send more than 1 MB of data. To avoid the risk of mail server problems, we may request you to send the files by a method other than email.

For paper-based documents of around 10 pages or less, please send via fax (03-5573-8973). Please send larger paper documents via postal mail or let us know the approximate size (number of characters/words per page, number of pages). We will provide a rough estimate.

[Character Counting Method]

For data files, character counts are performed using the gWord Counth feature of Microsoft Word. Paper documents are hand counted. (Please note that character counts for paper documents are estimated and not exact.)

[Delivery Time Estimate]

When translating Japanese into English, please allow 2-3 business days for a 2-3 page A4 (1,300 Japanese characters when single-spaced) for an academic paper. Delivery time may vary depending on content and ACNfs current project load at the time of your order. Please feel free to request an estimate.

[Academic Paper Translation Keywords and Terminology]

ACN has the experience of translating a many academic papers (for academic conferences, submission for publication, etc.). To better provide our customers high quality translations, from our experience we request that customers provide whatever materials may assist with translation, such as other research papers related to the translation request, English language research papers, keywords, or technical terminology. It is greatly appreciated if these materials could be sent in together with the document to be translated. If a glossary or technical terminology cannot be provided, we will work together with you to confirm translated terminology throughout the translation process.

[Research Paper Formatting]

Please inform us when requesting an estimate if you would like the completed translation to be formatted according to your submission guidelines. When doing so, please provide the formatting guidelines (or a URL). Formatting charges will be determined after verifying the subject matter and formatting requirements. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

[Delivery Method]

We normally return completed translations via email attachments, but we are happy to deliver the completed translation according to your requirements.

For English proofreading, the source data file with corrections will be returned to you as an email attachment. Source files other than Word files (such as PDF or PPT files) will be returned with the corrected portions clearly indicated by changing the color of the font or other method.

Japanese to English website translations will be normally returned as text typed into Microsoft Word files.

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