Frequently Asked Questions

A list of questions we have received has been made available here for your reference.

Q: How should I pay the translation fee?

A: Different methods are available for personal or corporate settlement.
For personal settlement, please pay the translation fee to our bank account within 3 business days of delivery.

For corporate settlement, invoice documents (estimate, delivery note, invoice) will be sent to you after translation delivery. Please remit payment to our bank account by the end of the month following the invoiced month.

* Applicable payment rules are followed for universities or other public research institutions when paying from research funds or funds for scientific studies.

Q: Is it possible to request a sample translation of a few lines and decide whether to give the job to ACN based on the results?

A: We accept trial translations of up to 100 source characters (or 100 words) for no charge.

Q: I requested a translation from another company but there are too many mistakes. Can I ask ACN to correct this job?

A: We are always able to accept requests for corrections (rewrites).

Q: Are questions or corrections regarding the translation results provided free of charge?

A: Yes, of course. We answer questions or provide corrections free of charge for accepted translation work.

Q: Can you send estimates, delivery notes, or invoices by mail (post)?

A: Yes, we can. Please inform us of specific addresses and dates.

Q: My source document is paper-based - can I send it by fax or mail to request an estimate or translation?

A: Yes. Estimate results are sent by email, but we can accept delivery of source documents and deliver completed work by mail or fax. Please feel free to share any concerns you may have.


Q: Is it possible to have graphics in documents translated and returned in the graphic format that I specify?

A: Yes. We are able to return BMP, GIF, JPEG formats or file formats compatible with the following image editing software programs: Photoshop v4, Illustrator v7, Fireworks v1. However, depending on graphic processing complexity, a separate processing fee may apply.

Q: Can you translate PDF files?

A: Yes.
Please send the PDF file to us via email, or inform us of the URL if the PDF file is available online. However, please note that the completed translation will be returned in a text format.

Q: Is it possible to adjust the translation fee to meet my budget?

A: At ACN, our priority is to deliver the best possible quality. However, it may be possible to work within your budget by reducing the word or character count where possible without losing the meaning.

Q: I would like to request a website translation. Can you translate HTML files with tags intact?

A: We can translate HTML files with tags and scripts intact. We can of course also deliver the translation results as HTML files.

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