ACN provides translations in the following fields. Your translation will be completed by a translator with a Masterfs degree or PhD in each field and with experience submitting papers to overseas journals.

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Business translations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (international economics, politics and development assistance) Translations for public organizations (governments of Japan, Australia, Portugal, etc.)

Law and Patents

Licensing agreements (including major computer manufacturers, etc.) distributorship agreements, court complaints, rental/leasing agreements, patent infringement court documents, court documents for patent no validity hearings, patent treaty revision activities (Japan Patent Office), trademark revisions related to Internet domains (Japan Patent Office), US patent O/a, PCT request international office notification, etc., letters to overseas legal offices related to trademark registration activities, etc.


Asset evaluation and management, employment, reports creation for the Ministry of Finance, corporate earnings reports, domestic stocks, foreign stocks, bonds, futures, options, currency exchange, etc.


Everyday business communications such as fax and email negotiations, contracts, dispute resolutions, inquiries, company information, machinery installation, usage instructions, meetings for joint development projects, manuals and catalogs for a companyfs self-built electronic loom operation and installation, exhibition materials for products of another company for display at an overseas exhibition

Pharmaceutical Sciences/Chemistry

Organic chemistry (synthetic, structure definition), pharmacokinetics (especially metabolism and drug interaction effects), Japanese language patent abstracts, new drug certification submission documents, experiment reports for overseas laboratories, etc.

Mechanical/Electrical Engineering

General industrial machinery, plastic molds, materials and forming


Software and hardware media reviews, etc., legally required product quality documentation requested by individually-run technical office, firewall manager for Unix administrators, security-related hardware manual, translation of manual for a foreign-produced simulation tool (software)


Motor sports, classical music, opera, guitar, movies



Translation and interpretation of office documents, and of culture, literature, computing, economics ,and other fields


News program for CCTV, law (securities law, etc.), market reports, agriculture research paper, China agricultural products trade report, documents presented by Chinese exchange students to immigration, pamphlet for Beijing Medical University, health appliance instruction manual, Chinese oil industry report, Chinese coal industry report, Chinese thermal electric power plant report, Chinese environmental security report, Chinese pollution report, etc.



Literature, images, movies and publications; Japanese comics translated into French, etc.

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