Translation/English Proofreading for Legal/Law field

ACN provides translations for the Legal/Law field.
We provide translation services mainly for the following fields:

Corporate Law (Establishment/organizational management, labor issues, licensing, international contracts), real estate, family conciliation (inheritance/divorce), traffic lawsuits, corporate restructuring (court-guided rehabilitation)

General civil commerce, criminal issues, lawsuits, arbitration, out of court settlements, self reorganization, bankruptcies (corporate, personal), asset recovery, intellectual capital disputes, stockholder/board of management/auditor meetings, HR/labor issues, individual/group labor disputes, workplace accidents

Constitutional law, civil law, commercial code, criminal law, civil prosecution, criminal prosecution, administrative law, international law

Intellectual capital law, court law, criminology, medical law, international private law, labor law, national law, economic law, international organizational law, comparative politics, political science

Japan diplomatic political science, Europe political science, public administration, international politics, international political science, politics, public finance, finance, English and American law, German law, American diplomatic political science, Asian diplomatic political science Japan legal history, legal history, Japan modern legal history, Western legal history, Roman law, Russian/Soviet law

Comparative law, philosophy of law, sociology of law, economic policy, social policy, international economic theory, consumer law, securities trading law, international trade law, social security law, international economy law, international civil suit law, regional government law, public finance law

Please note that we may be unable to accept some requests depending on translator availability.


Translation Fees

  • English to Japanese translation from 25 yen/word
  • Japanese to English translation from 20 yen/word
  • English proofreading from 10 yen/word

* The minimum fee is 10,000 yen (plus tax).
* A gNative Checkh (English proofreading) is performed free of charge for all Japanese to English translations at ACN.
* Customers requesting only English proofreading please click here.


To Translation / English Proofreading Estimate Form
For urgent requests, attach the document to email and send here.
Please specify the following when requesting an estimate via email.

  • Name and organization (name of university, company, etc.)
  • Address and telephone contact number
  • Desired completion deadline
  • Form of payment: privately funded (individual settlement) or school/company funded (corporate settlement)

About our translators/proofreaders:

All translators/proofreaders hold either Masters or PhD degrees and are well-versed in English research paper formats.

Payment method:

For personal settlement, please pay the translation fee to our bank account within 3 business days of delivery.
For corporate settlement, we will send invoice documents (estimate, delivery note, and invoice) after delivering the translation.

Estimates, delivery notes, and invoices

If requested, estimates, delivery notes, and invoices will be stamped with company and president stamps and mailed to you after document delivery. Please notify us of this requirement at the time of your order. If you require a specific invoice date, (or require any fields to be left blank, etc.), please inform us as early as possible.

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