Native Check Sample (English Proofreading, English Revision)

Quickly spot changes with the gTrack Changesh feature!

ACN uses the gTrack Changesh feature in Microsoft Word for English proofreading jobs. Since this tool is included with Microsoft Word, changes (proofreading history) may be reviewed without the use of special software.

sample proof

Please let us know if you prefer traditional hand correction (red pen proofreading) instead of corrections using the gTrack Changesh feature.
Your document will be printed out and hand-corrected using a red pen.
After proofreading is complete, the results will be scanned and delivered to you as a PDF file.

Generous post-delivery support!

We happily answer any post-delivery questions about completed translation or proofreading jobs, free of charge. There is no limit to the number of questions that may be asked. At ACN, our mission is to ensure your confidence and satisfaction by offering behind-the-scenes support for your research, publication submissions, and presentations.

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