Price and Delivery Time

Pricing Translations

Translation fees are normally determined by three factors: volume, subject field, and delivery deadline.

Japanese to English

From 20 yen per source Japanese character

English to Japanese

From 25 yen per source English word

Proofreading (English proofreading and revision by a native English speaker) From 10 yen per word For more information about English proofreading, click here

Website English Translation

Please feel free to contact us with your requirements.

* The minimum fee is 10,000 yen (plus tax).

Payment Method


We will notify you of our bank details at the time of delivery. Please remit payment within 3 business days after delivery of the completed translation.


Invoice documents will be sent to you via postal mail after delivery of the completed translation. As a general rule, payment is required by the end of the month following delivery.
Applicable regulations are followed for universities when paying from research funds or funds for scientific studies.

Requests for free estimates accepted 24 hours a day.
For details, click here.

With the spread of the Internet, many gself-appointedh translators have launched their own web-based operations and offer low cost translation services without any specialized knowledge of the background of the requested material. Placing orders with these independent translators can end up costing more in expensive rewrites (translation correction) - choose your translation vendor carefully!

Delivery Time (Turnaround Time)

When translating Japanese into English, please allow 2-3 business days for a 2-3 page A4 (1,300 Japanese characters when single-spaced) for an academic paper. For English proofreading, about 3-5 A4 size pages (about 400 English words) can be returned two days after your order has been placed.
Delivery time may vary depending on content and ACNfs current project load at the time of your order. Please feel free to request an estimate.

Please note that ACN does not normally accept same-day or next-day delivery requests. However, exceptions may be made depending on subject matter, volume, and translator workload; in this case a special rush surcharge may apply. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Also, a special rush surcharge will apply if delivery is required earlier than normal and it is determined that a rush delivery is possible.

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