Translation Workflow (From Request to Delivery)

Translation workflow from the request to delivery is as shown below.

[Request Flow]

Request Flow

1. Request Quote (from Client)

Please enter required information into the quotation request form on our website and submit. (You can upload your document for more precise quotation.)

2. Quote Reply (from ACN)

We will send you a quotation via email.

3. Place Order and Send Source Document (from Client)

Clients may submit the formal work request by emailing or calling us.
Please submit the original source document as an email attachment or by fax or postal mail.

4. Order Confirmation (from ACN)

We will respond via email that we have confirmed receipt of the work order.
(* Note: ACN always sends a confirmation email for every order received. If you do not receive an order confirmation email, we may not have received your order request. If you suspect your order was not received, please contact us immediately for confirmation.)

[Translation Workflow]
*The following steps are internal workflow processes performed by ACN.

Translation Workflow

5. Translator Selection

The most appropriate translator for the job is selected according to the subject matter or other characteristics of the source document.

6. Translation

The material is translated.

7. Proofread Check by Native Speaker

A native speaker proofreads the translated document.

8. Final Check

An ACN staff member performs a final quality check before returning the completed translation.

[Completed Document Delivery and Post-Translation Support]

Completed Document Delivery and Post-Translation Support

9. Delivery

We will return the completed translation to you as an email attachment (or another method or format as requested).

10. Verification

Please check and verify the completed translation.

11. Questions and Answers

Please send any questions you may have about the translation via email. We will discuss the question with the translator who worked on your document and respond as soon as possible.
(As a general rule, questions are accepted up to 3 months after delivery of the completed translation. Within this period, there is no limit to the number of questions you may ask and responses are provided free of charge.)

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