Audio Transcription

Audio transcription is the process of converting presentation, conference, interview, or other audio speech from recorded media such as audio tapes, CDs, or videotapes into text form (spoken transcript or text). Also called gtape rewrite*,h gtranscription,h or gdictation,h the text output is used for published materials, meeting records, web posting, and a variety of other purposes. (* Tape rewrite is the registered trademark of the TapeRewrite Corporation.)

ACN is proud to have served many publishing, government, public organization, and corporate customers.

Course Options

True Verbatim
(Word for word)

A true, word for word verbatim copy prepared, including unnecessary words such as gumh and guh,h stuttering, or repeated words.

(Key Usages) For use in research or submission as legal evidence, or when you want to recreate sense of realism including difficulties speaking.

* Frequently used as research material in conversation analysis, etc.

60 minutes:
32,760 yen(tax inclusive)

10 minutes:
5,460 yen(tax inclusive)
Clean Verbatim

Excess portions (unnecessary words as noted above) are omitted.

(Key Usages) To highlight the mood of interviews, presentations, conferences, symposiums, etc.

* General-purpose audio transcription. Most customers select this type.

60 minutes:
31,500 yen(tax inclusive)

10 minutes:
5,250 yen(tax inclusive)

After preparing a clean verbatim transcript, particles of speech are aligned and spoken language is rendered into written language.

(Key Usages) To highlight the content of interviews, presentations, conferences, symposiums, etc.

* Customers frequently request alignment for presentations to be published in a magazine, pamphlet, or advertisement.

60 minutes:
34,020 yen(tax inclusive)

10 minutes:
5,670 yen(tax inclusive)

After alignment, the resulting text is summarized to meet the maximum character requirements. We can also add subheadings, blocks, or bullet points as you specify.

(Key Usage) When only a summary is required

* Frequently used in resumes.

60 minutes:
35,280 yen(tax inclusive)

10 minutes:
5,880 yen(tax inclusive)

Specify your own requirements if none of the above courses are suitable.
(Below are the examples of such request we have received so far.)
Example 1: Identify certain excerpts from a tape recording and transcribe into a provided Excel template.
Example 2: Transcribe not only words but also actions.
Example 3: Create English transcription from an English audio source and then translate into both Japanese and Chinese.

(See the following items for more details)

* Pricing options vary for each of these examples. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

Depending on requirements

* ACN is a translation company and is happy to serve your audio transcription and translation needs for languages other than Japanese and English. Please feel free to contact us with your requirements.

Foreign Language Tape Transcriptions Click hereË

Sample estimate for gclean verbatimh option

For a 45 minute recording: 5,000 yen (for every 10 minutes) ~ 5 (billing is calculated in 10 minute intervals and rounded up to the next 10 minutes) = 25,000 yen After adding consumption tax, the total is 26,250 yen.
The actual cost may vary depending on recording quality and content.

Please note that the minimum charge is 5,250 yen (tax inclusive).

As a general rule, 5 business days* are required for delivery. (For a 60 minute tape)

* Business days are Monday through Friday. - Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays are not counted as business days.
As a general rule, each additional 30 minutes requires one additional delivery day.
Billing is calculated in 10 minute increments. The customer is responsible for all shipping fees.
Additional fees may apply depending on desired delivery date, tape content, or selected course option.

For details, please contact us by one of the following methods.

To Estimate Request Form

Pleas call us at: 03-5573-8971

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at the following email address.

Onsite Recording Service

Our staff will come to your location to make an audio recording. Please feel free to discuss your requirements with us. The fee is actual travel and lodging costs + 25,000 yen per day.
(ACN waives travel fees of less than 1000 yen in either direction.)


Our estimate will be emailed to you. Please complete the necessary particulars and send the request form.

To Estimate Request Form


Send recording media (tapes, CDs, etc.) and any reference materials to us via regular mail or courier services.
We recommend that you create a backup copy of any tape media before sending to us. (Please send us the original.)
Converting audio files into MP3 format can result in file sizes small enough to be submitted to us via email.

Please copy other file formats (WAV, etc.) to CD-R or other removable or rewritable media and send to us.

How to convert file formats ¨

For transcriptions of symposiums or similar events, please do also include any reference materials such as pamphlets, guidance materials, or past briefings.

For conferences or meeting recordings, please note to us the number of speakers, names and, any identifiable speaking characteristics.

Completed Work Delivery

The standard delivery method of completed transcriptions is via email as Word files.
Please feel free to contact us with any requests you may have - we can deliver in gIchitaroh or other formats you specify.

Return of Source Material

Audio recordings and reference materials are returned to you by courier.
The customer is not responsible for shipping charges.

Invoicing and Payment

Individual: Please remit payment within 3 business days of delivery to our banking institution.

Corporate: We will send you an invoice. Please pay by the end of the month following delivery.
Please remit payment to the banking institution we specify.


ACN ensures confidentiality of all customer information or data. We are able to provide a non-disclosure agreement if requested. Please feel free to contact us with your requirements.

For more information

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at the following email address.

Frequently Asked Questions

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