Converting Audio Files


The fastest way to return completed (transcribed) text to our customers is by sending us digital audio files. ACN recommends the use of digital audio files whenever possible, because unlike cassette tapes, there is no risk of the tape breaking or stretching.

How to Record Audio

Small file sizes are possible with the MP3 format, enabling sending of audio as email attachments.
For other file types (WAV, etc.), please burn to CD-R media and send to us.

If you are unsure how to convert digital audio files, please refer to the following direction.

First, download Jet-Audio from the following site.

This is English software. If you require a Japanese language interface, download the necessary components from the left side of the page.
From Language Pack Contents, download thegJapanese Language pack.hThis will enable Japanese menus.
This software is freeware and may be used free of charge.

How to Use


Connect the headphone output of the audio source (cassette recorder, component system, etc.) to the microphone input of your computer using a 3.5 mm stereo mini plug connector (available at household electronics shops for about 1,000 yen).


Launch Jet-Audio and click the RECORDING tab. On the screen that appears, select the file save location and file conversion type (WAV recommended) and click the Start button.


Finally, press the Play button on the audio source to begin recording.

How to Use

Converting to MP3

Jet-Audio cannot convert audio files to the MP3 format - To convert to MP3, download "Gogo no Koda" from the following site. (Note: Available in Japanese only.)

This is also freeware.

Usage is simple: Launch the application and click the gAdd WAVEh button. Make sure the gMP3 Encodeh tab at the top of the screen is selected before pressing. Select the WAV file which you recorded using Jet-Audio. After confirming your selection, press the gStart Encodingh button at the lower right of the screen.

The WAV file will be converted to MP3.

Audio Transcription Specialist Recruiting

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