WORKS - Research Paper Translations

ACN receives many requests from mainly universities but also from corporations, government ministries, local governments, and private individuals.
The following is a list of some of the translations done by ACN by 2005. (The titles of some works have been changed to ensure confidentiality.) Approximately 80% of received works are for Japanese to English translations.

Arts and Humanities Sciences
  • Problems with facilities for the disabled
  • Historical significance of the Taiwan Straits crisis
  • Issues surrounding ASEAN and ARF
  • The impact of IT on society and organizations
  • Present state and future of electronic transactions
  • Changes in food consumption in Japan
  • Note-taking activities
  • Management and maintenance of asphalt (PMS)
  • Analyzing and using welfare statistics
  • Problem of delinquent debt of ASEAN countries
  • A comparison of the justice systems of Japan and the United States
  • International trade discourse
  • Childrearing worries felt by mothers of children with developmental disorders
  • Survey results of satisfaction public transportation rider satisfaction rates
  • Designed culture and society
  • Hierarchy and division of families headed by single fathers and single mothers
  • Discussion on image recognition in children
  • Relationship between gthinking abilityh and manual labor
  • Clothing, diet, and housing of the sedentary peoples of Inner Mongolia
  • Juvenile crime and increase in the crime rate in the United States
  • Relationship between mood state and actions
  • Technical details of microvalve arrays
  • Ecology of the American bullfrog
  • Reproductive health
  • Dioxins and garbage incineration
  • Environmental factors of the immune system
  • Analysis of insects from a molecular evolutional genetic perspective
  • Ecological systems on the shores of Lake Biwa
  • Breast milk contamination survey
  • Discussion of aging individuals
  • Fluid behavior of horizontal wells
  • A clinical report of Hirschsprung patients
  • Detoxification of CCA elements
  • Efficacy of cognitive therapeutic exercises on cerebral stroke hemiplegic patients
  • New big bang theory

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