WORKS - Technical Translations

Many requests are received mainly from businesses, government ministries, and local governments as well as individuals.
The following is a list of some of the translations done by ACN by 2005. (The titles of some works have been changed to ensure confidentiality.) Approximately 80% of received works are for Japanese to English translations.

General Specialized
  • Jet Lee Fan Club
  • Japanese Film Critics
  • A design studio website
  • Game software manual
  • Japanese cooking circle website
  • California wine website
  • Letter of recommendation for study abroad
  • Apparel, Internet business pamphlet
  • Japanese version of a foreign role playing game
  • Itinerary and greetings for visit by a Northern European royalty
  • Marriage registrations, family registers
  • Letters to overseas business partners
  • Poems, lyrics, storybooks, etc.
  • Speeches for weddings and parties
  • Financial accounting software website
  • Food processing line operations manual
  • Well digging technical manual
  • Reports related to the Japanese residential registration system
  • Regional visitor welcome pamphlets
  • Authenticity of the legends of Emperor Jimmu (reference abstract)

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